Can the boys handle labor pains? We set them up with some pros who put them through a labor pain simulator. Not expecting the reactions HAHAHAHA. Labor Simulator Hawaii Hawaii Comedy
Legendary Hawaii comedian Andy Bumatai, talks about pidgin being recognized as a language.
Why wont folks ship to Hawaii? And when they do, the cost is more expensive than the item. OR we get a ground shipping choice? And where the hell is Richmond, California and why do our things get stuck there?
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Hawaii Travel & Adventure


Hawaii Whale – 4k Drone Footage

Amazing video of the whales migrating through Hawaii shot by a drone in 4k.

Hawaii’s Epic Illegal Hike – Stairway to Heaven

Climbing Stairways To Heaven. Started at 10 in the morning trying to find a way through the fence. Luckily I found a way through...

Dancing Manta Rays

Some amazing drone in Hawaii. Epic Footage of Manta rays, canoe surfing, waterfalls and Mermaids. **Watch in HD.**

Kailua from above

Amazing video of the Eastside of Oahu, the beautiful Kailua as seen by a drone.
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Wahine Vibes