I know we looked scared, but it was all acting. They are great actors. Yeah. That is what they made me say. **Note: they do not allow weapons, Haku did not bring her knife in
Pashyn Santos biggest viral hit Hawaiian Pidgin Siry got 100,000 views in 15 minutes, over 3 million total! And no, there is no such thing as Hawaiian Pidgin Siri, sorry. Check out the video HAWAIIAN PIDGIN SIRI.
Inspired by Cholos Try Kale, 808 Viral just released Mokes Try Vegan Food that got a millions views in 24 hours reaching over 3 million people! // MOKES Try Vegan FoodMOKES Try Vegan Food"What is Vegan? Is that a pokeman?"...
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Hawaii Travel & Adventure


Kailua from above

Amazing video of the Eastside of Oahu, the beautiful Kailua as seen by a drone.

Hawaii Whale – 4k Drone Footage

Amazing video of the whales migrating through Hawaii shot by a drone in 4k.

Dancing Manta Rays

Some amazing drone in Hawaii. Epic Footage of Manta rays, canoe surfing, waterfalls and Mermaids. **Watch in HD.**

Hawaii’s Epic Illegal Hike – Stairway to Heaven

Climbing Stairways To Heaven. Started at 10 in the morning trying to find a way through the fence. Luckily I found a way through...
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