Sorry mainland folks but your 7-11 is lame.

Here are just some of the reasons our 7-11 is better than yours.


1Does your 7-11 have a Hello Kitty section? Need a Hello Kitty eraser that smells like strawberries at 3am? We have access to Hello Kitty swag 24-hours a day.

2In a Marley mood? How about a relaxation drink by Bob Marley?

3Loco Moco emergency fix made fresh daily from less than 20 miles away.


4SUSHI at a convenience store? You risk your life eating sushi from a gas station in the mainland. In Hawaii, we get fresh sushi made daily.

5Manapua and Pork Hash fresh steamed, ready to go just in time to catch bus.

6POG anyone?
Nectar for the Gods…and people who live in Hawaii.

7Li Hing and Arare Snacks


8Random Spam Novelties. You never know what spam themed products they will carry. It is like Christmas every day!

9And of course…Spam Musubi.
You get hotdogs, we get Musubi. Sorry to do this to you. But feel free to come visit anytime. Aloha!