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Dancing Manta Rays

Some amazing drone in Hawaii. Epic Footage of Manta rays, canoe surfing, waterfalls and Mermaids. **Watch in HD.**

Labor Pain Simulator

Can the boys handle labor pains? We set them up with some pros who put them through a labor pain simulator. Not expecting the...

Girl of my Dreams – Jay Alvarrez

One of the bests Adventure content creators, Jay Alvarrez takes you on an adventure with his sick imagery.

Viral video Hawaii – Mokes try Vegan Food

Inspired by Cholos Try Kale, 808 Viral just released Mokes Try Vegan Food that got a millions views in 24 hours reaching over 3...

Popular Hawaii Snacks

  808 Viral Video countdown of their favorite Hawaii Snacks. 1. Mochi Crunch "When did the Mochi Crunch? The Ara-re!" 2. Rice Candy (Tamoe Ame) "Yeah I ate the...