The condiments you will find in every Hawaii kitchen. How many do you have?


10 – Popular with locals, this Thai chili sauce is made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. In 2017, Mauna Loa came out with a Honey Sriracha Macadamia nut. And of course, die hard local sriracha lovers have a Sriracha2go key chain.

9 – Wasabi – The Japanese horseradish that burns your nose. Plenty Wasabi challenges can be seen at Genki sushi. And of course, it is always good fun to get that one haole friend who nevah went try it before.

“Eh, just pop this in your mouth all at one time….so ono…..”

8 – Banana Ketchup – Popular Filipino fruit ketchup condiment made from mashed banana, sugar, vinegar, and spices.

7 – Get the gallons at Costco(s) Yoshida’s is a Japanese gourmet teriyaki-based sauce made 60 year-old secret recipe. Popular affordable sauce used in many local recipes.



Tobasco. We have no idea how it was introduced here or why it is so popular, it just is. Used in various local recipes form Katsu sauce to Spicy Poke.

Bueno Salsa – Local Andy Doka (Kailua) uses locally sourced ingredients from farms to make Hawaii’s favorite fresh salsa.


andys beuno salsa


Li Hing Mui – Chinese translation: “Traveling plum”. Locals sprinkle the powder on just about any snack food: dried mangos, gummy bears, popcorn and even dried squid. It has also turned up in fine dining and alcoholic beverages.

Give your tourist friend crack seed and enjoy the show!

Credit: Snack Hawaii


Numbah tree. Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water. The Hawaiian hot sauce that everyone get “da secret” for da best one.  Locals splash chili pepper water on just about anything, but the origin of this Hawai‘i condiment is still a mystery.

Furikake – Japanese seasoning with dried fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, and salt. Locals put it on rice, popcorn, coat seafood and poultry, and of course the popular Furikake Chex Mix. Tourists are warned not to panic when they get their meal and see “green stuff” on their rice.

And of course…the main event…the most used condiment in Hawaii….the winnahz….Aloha Shoyu! Notice we said ALOHA Shoyu because no self respecting local would dare have any other kine.

Aloha Shoyu Hawaii

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