Lihing Mui Bacon Weave Turkey


Just in time for Christmas. Try Dani Girl’s super easy Lihing Mui Bacon Weave Turkey.

1 boneless turkey Roast (usually in frozen section- We got ours at Foodland)
It’s basically the white and dark meat removed from bone and covered with a net to form a roast.

1 – 16oz package bacon (thin)

1/2 tbsp lihing Mui powder

1 tbsp brown sugar

Weave bacon into piece big enough to completely cover the roast. Coat the bacon with the dry ingredients.
Carefully remove the net. Use plastic wrap or wax paper to roll it back into its form if it falls apart.
Wrap the roast with bacon weave. Add more bacon as needed to cover the entire roast.

Bake 350 degrees for 2 hours (or as directed on roast)
Bacon should be crispy.

Cut and serve #chee