The McDonald’s Spam Mac could actually come to Hawaii.


Dani Girl from 808 Viral, decided to give the Big Mac a SPAM Makeover and so the SPAM Mac was born.

“One day I decided to try and order a Big Mac with SPAM. The problem is, Mcdonald’s doesn’t serve SPAM after 10:30. But I found out you can order a Vegetarian Big Mac, which is a Big Mac with no meat. So I decided to get one and make my own.”

Dani took the vegetarian Big Mac home, then cooked up some spam, slicing it the side way so the piece was big enough to match the size of the hamburger patty.

She then reassembled the sandwich and BOOM. the Spam Mac was born.

“We weren’t sure what it was going to taste like. Turns out it was REALLY GOOD!”

The video got over 234,000 views, and was featured on Hawaiii News Now after people from Florida to New Zealand attempted to order it.

Because of the amount of requests they received for the SPAM MAC, the owners from Mcdonald’s Hawaii are looking into serving SPAM after 10:30, which would allow SPAM MAC fans to custom order it.