Over the years, people have been getting more and more creative with it. Here is some of the most popular Spam Musubi creations from the interwebs.

7Bat Musubi

6Musubi Gone Wrong

5Creative Musubi

From a viral vine by Dani Girl got over a million views on facbeook and 2 millions loops on Vine. https://www.facebook.com/ilovekailua/videos/10155369642435156/

4Musubi Earrings

3Lego Musubi!

This project by LEAHI (Lego enthusiast of Hawaii) is too awesome! https://www.facebook.com/LEAHI.ORG/

2Musubi Pillow

This easy knitting project by http://knitsforlife.com can be made on with only $10 worth of yarn.


And the #1 musubi on the internet is……MUSUBABY!